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  • WAM shining new materials industry with innovative force

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    From July 5th to 7th, 2023, attracted much attention of theindustry, the "SAMPE China 2023 Annual Conference and the 18thInternational Exhibition on Advanced Composite Products, Raw Materials, Toolingand Engineering Applications" was successfully concluded at the BeijingInternational Exhibition Center! WAM unveiled a variety of composite productsto show the company's innovative achievements in the field of new materials.

    Located at booth 1B-E122, this time WAM implants the concept of"technology & innovation" with a strong modern sense ofattraction and technology into the design and construction of the booth. TheUAV that in the C position, echoes the unique red and black ceiling designwhich makes all visitors refreshed.

    At the exhibition, WAM fully displayed a series of composite productssuch as aviation, military, electric vehicles, filament winding, pultrusion,prepreg and epoxy resin adhesive film, which covered a number of applicationfields of composite materials, fully demonstrating the diversity of productsand applications.

    Among the manyproducts unveiled this time, the most concerned is the UAV (wingspan 3.8m,length 1.9m). The recommendation for this product is WAM GE-7623AB epoxy resin,which has many characteristics, such as medium viscosity, excellent wettabilityto glass and carbon fiber, excellent mechanical strength and heat resistanceafter curing, Tg>70etc. It belongsto general hand lay-up resin system and can be applied to transparent exteriorparts. This "star" product has attracted the attention of manyindustry insiders and audiences.

    During theexhibition, in the face of the questions raised by many insiders and audiences,Youfujia, director of the high performance composite division of WAM, togetherwith the representatives from other departments, such as sales, technology,R&D, sourcing and quality, carefully and meticulously explained theproducts, analyzed the market and answered questions for everyone with rigorousand professional attitude, which attracted the deep attention and praise ofmany industry partners, laying a good foundation for later order procurementand project cooperation.

    At theexhibition site, WAM fully demonstrated the product advantages, technicalservices and company strength through exhibition badge sponsorship, distributingcompany brochures and single sheet of various series of products, promotionalvideos, physical exhibits displaying, and on-site explanations. With the leadingindustry technological innovation and product performance, the booth ushered inwaves of visiting peaks, attracting many visitors to stop and watch, consultand negotiate.

    In the future, WAMwill continue improving and exploring new material products to deliver moreperfect new materials solutions for composites and to break through  the brambles and thorns in thenew material era. Looking forward to meeting you at SAMPE China 2024!